Polyphylla decimlineata - Ten-lined June Beetle

Adult: 25-32mm.

Order Coleoptera/ Family Scarabaeidae / Subfamily - Melonthinae - Chafers

The Ten-lined June Beetle is certainly one of the most striking insects locally and always gets attention while it buzzes about, especially when it comes to lights on warm summer evenings, often erratically crashing into walls and windows. These are most common to the mountainous areas of  San Diego County but are also found at Torrey Pines State Reserve.  They belong to a group of scarabs known collectively as chafers, the ten-lined june beetle feeding on the foliage of a variety of conifers and broadleaf trees. The C-shaped larvae are subterranean and feed on roots, and according to the Forestry Service, often quite destructive to seedlings of various conifers.