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Visiting Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Guy Fleming Trail – 0.7 mile loop. Easiest, relatively level, forested, nature markers. Diverse scenery, ocean vistas, sandstone formations, spring wildflowers, drinking water, parking. In winter you may see Gray Whales, and with luck, you may see bottlenose dolphins any time. More on the Guy Fleming Trail

Parry Grove Trail – 0.5 mile loop. Secluded, not too difficult but steep entry/exit (100 steps). Drought and Bark Beetle Infestation have devastated this grove, but it is recovering. Whitaker native plant garden at trailhead. More on Parry Grove.

Razor Point Trail – 0.7 mile to point. Dramatic views of gorge, badlands, spring wildfowlers, fewer but more picturesque trees. Trail splits from Beach Trail 200 yards below restroom trailhead, and follows the Canyon of the Swifts toward the bluffs.

Broken Hill Trail - Access to beach via north fork 1.2 miles; via south fort 1.3 miles. Longest trail,. chaparral. few trees, scenic overlook of the "broken" hill. Combine this trail with Razor Point and Beach Trails for a 3-mile loop.

Beach Trail- 3/4 mile to Flat Rock and beach. Popular beach access. Least scenic trail. few trees, steep. Trailhead at restroom. If you plan to hike down and then walk back to the lower parking lot along the beach, remember to check the tides. Also, winter storms may remove much of the beach sand and walking can be difficult over cobbles and rocks for the 3/4 mile to the parking lot.

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Aerial photos of Torrey Pines State Beach

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